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We will be beginning Groups throughout the year in our offices.

Please continue to check back on group topics and when they will be started. 

Life after Divorce - If you are dealing with the devastating effects of divorce this group will provide insight, direction, support and hope.  This is a 12 week group meeting once a week.  Call for details.
Children of Divorce - All children who experience the divorce of their parents would benefit from this group.  There are many questions, emotions and fears that they quietly contend with.  This group will help them process their thoughts feelings and fears in a healthy way.  It will also give them support and skills for dealing with future relationships.  This is an 8 week group that meets for one hour.  Call for more details.

Changes that Heal - Christians are suffering from a whole range of emotional problems: anxiety, loneliness, grief over broken relationships, resentment, and feelings of inadequacy. Often they have been struggling with those problems for years. They are people in PAIN. "Changes That Heal" teaches that there are biblical solutions for your struggles with depression, anxiety, panic, addictions, and guilt, and that these solutions lie in your understanding certain basic developmental tasks. These tasks involve growing up into the "likeness" of the one who created you. This is a 12 week class.  Call for details

Pre-Marital Counseling - Using PREPARE/ENRICH, you can start your marriage off on a good start whether you are marrying for the first time or you are marrying with children.  Call for details on a 6 week premarital counseling group.  You can also register for individual couple pre-marital counseling.  Call for details. 

Adolescent Girls Self-Esteem Group - Call for details

Fresh Start Divorce Recovery

Empowering Couples Building on Your Strengths

Premarital Group using Prepare/Enrich

Building Relationships Program for Youth

Relief for Hurting Parents Support Group

Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours (a Kevin Leman resource)

Couples Communication - 1 or 2 day seminar

Love and Respect, Emerson Eggerich series for couples communication

Time Starved Marriage (Les and Leslie Parrott) How to Stay Connected in the speed of life

These groups could be “to go” meaning they can come to you in your church, school, community organization or home study group. Groups can be tailored to your need from a 1-2 day seminar to a couple of evening or daytimes a month.  Pricing would vary, please call for more details.
Look for groups starting up in your community.

Please contact us for more information about our services.