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Mediation Services

Lighthouse Christian Counseling offers Mediation services in our Edgewater and Centreville offices.

Mediation is a voluntary process that facilitates negotiations to assist parties in reaching a resolution to their dispute that both sides can accept.  It is a way of solving problems which allows the participants in a dispute to talk with each other, even if they could not do so  before, and resolve conflict without having to resort to the courts for the solution.  It is a settlement process that allows and encourages the parties, rather than lawyers and judges to control what happens to their finances, their parenting plans, their families and their businesses. 

Virtually any non-criminal dispute is appropriate for mediation including,
but not limited to:

Mediation is an affordable alternative to litigation that allows you to take control of your legal dispute without losing control of your finances.

Mediation saves time, money, aggravation, and relationships.  It gives parties greater control over their outcome of their dispute and provides for an effective setting for resolving difficult issues.

Mediation is confidential, affordable and amicable

Call Lighthouse at 866-769-4673 and speak to Julie Hickson or e-mail at for more information or to schedule an appointment with our mediator.