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Here are just a few of the many endorsements and testimonials we've had here over the years at Lighthouse Christian Counseling.

"There has been a growing need for solid Christian counseling as our world becomes more and more fallen.  One of the fine resources in our community is Lighthouse Christian Counseling.  We have referred a number of people to Lighthouse and have had many tell us of the help and hope they received, and that they were very satisfied with the counseling services.  We would recommend them to anyone who wants Christian counseling by caring Christians who are committed to Christ, His word and His Body."
Pastor Thomas Leonard
Island Alliance Church
Stevensville, Maryland

"Lighthouse Christian Counseling has been a blessing to the communities of Queen Anne's County.  It is a gift from God to have the assurance of quality, professional counseling with a firm foundation in Jesus Christ right here on the Eastern Shore.  As a pastor, it is a treasured asset to be able to refer broken and hurting people to a safe environment where they can receive the love of Jesus Christ in addition to professional therapeutic counseling.  I believe that the Holy Spirit has placed a call upon the life of Julie Hickson and has anointed her to be a light in the darkness of many people's lives.  It is my joy and pleasure to praise God for Lighthouse Christian Counseling and all that they continue to do in our communities."
Reverend Christina M. Blake
Pastor, Church Hill-Bethany United Methodist Churches

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"I was pleased to learn that Queen Anne's County has a Christian Counseling Center.  The center is run by a great husband/wife team of John and Julie Hickson.  Julie is a licensed counselor and John handles the business end of the practice.  The Lighthouse Christian Counseling Center is a a safe place for people seeking some solid answers to life's problems.  This is a resource which the churches will be able to recommend."
Dr. William M. Comfort, President
Chesapeake Bible College
Ridgely, Maryland

"I am excited that Julie is counseling and will have an office in Centreville.  It was such a feeling of support to have Julie counseling.  The members of our church have been blessed to have a skilled and well trained counselor available to help them find God's will for their lives when having to walk through the deep waters that our culture and a fallen world produce.  I have always received positive feedback from those I referred to Julie for help.  As a pastor, it is hard to refer those you care deeply about, to someone without a Christian world view.  I look forward to having the advantage of involving Julie in the special needs that arise in the ministry that God has given me hear at Greensboro."
Richard Parks, Associate Pastor
Greensboro Baptist Church
Greensboro, Maryland

"I very much appreciate the conversations we have had and the ministry of genuine Christian, caring, and understanding ministry you provide.  I very much appreciate having someone in the community I trust to whom I can refer people who need long-term counseling or people I am not able to help.  I look forward to working with you in the future."
F. mark Walters, Pastor
Living Water Lutheran Church
Stevensville, Maryland