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Counseling Philosophy and Services

Lighthouse Christian Counseling bases it's philosophy of counseling on the passage in Romans that tells us how to be "transformed by the renewing of our minds".

How do we do this?

Philippians 4 tells us to:

God then promises:

To transfer this head knowledge of the scriptures to heart knowledge, we need to put these things into practice.  Often our relationship with God has been distorted by many of life's circumstances.  LCC wants to help clients see the truth about God as He reveals himself in scripture.  Furthermore, it is our hope that as God sees you through your suffering He will heal you and use you to bring honor and glory to Himself and use you according to His good purposes. 

You might ask, "What if I don't want any of that religious stuff?" LCC can assure you that you will not get any preaching or sermons unless you ask direct questions about the spiritual side of an issue.  We will meet you where you are in your spiritual journey. 

Lighthouse Christian Counseling believes that, from time to time, everyone needs a little help from time to time in this journey of life.  We try to learn from everything that happens to us.  We believe God is using us in His work to bring help and hope to people He brings to our offices.   We are trained professional clinicians and provide scripturally sound counseling in a safe, non-judgmental and respectful environment.  

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