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laura vatenos

Laura Vatenos , LGSW
Edgewater Office

Laura has a tremendous faith in God and felt that by combining her training as a social worker with her faith, she would be more effective in helping people heal their lives than with just her training alone.

As stated by David in 1 Chronicles when praying to God, “in Your hands are strength and power to exalt and give strength to all.” From her own personal experiences, Laura believes strongly in the strength provided to us by God and feels it is her mission to help others in times of difficulty to find and utilize that strength.

Laura’s practice of social work has included individual therapy with children, adolescents, teens, adults, and particularly with women’s issues, abuse, mental illness and substance abuse.   

She earned her BA degree in Child Development from California State University, Sacramento in 1990. During that time she did volunteer work with children, as well as research in the areas of child development. Laura completed her MSW in 2005, from The University of Maryland, Baltimore. During this time she completed a one year internship at Crownsville State Hospital working with mentally ill adults in an inpatient setting. She also completed a one year internship at The House of Ruth, a battered women’s shelter, working with abused women and their children while assisting them to find new, safe housing for themselves. In the years between earning these degrees, Laura did volunteer work and raised her four children at home.

Laura resides with her husband John and children Kaitlyn, Alena, Kyle and Michael. She has lived in Maryland since 1998 and spent much of her growing up years in Arizona. She enjoys the work she’s done here and now considers Maryland home.