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J. Scott Hopson, M.Div., MA, D.Min.

“Hope delayed makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life” (Proverbs 13:12).

For many complex reasons individuals and partners can find themselves feeling hopeless, lonely and disconnected in their world, in their marriages and in their families. Dr. Hopson is committed to helping individuals, couples, families and businesses reconnect and reestablish their important emotional relationships. He creates a supportive therapeutic environment where his clients feel safe to explore themselves, their relationships, and the world around them.

As a Board certified Christian Counselor, Pastoral Counselor and Mediator, Dr. Hopson works with individuals of all ages, couples, the clergy, the divorced, the remarried, families, blended families and businesses to explore the underlying issues at a gentle and respectful pace fostering an understanding of how those relational systems work and how they can improve.

His primary treatment focus is on understanding the clients' symptoms, interactions and relational patterns.  He is passionate about the redemptive power of God in Christ in the therapeutic process and its ability to transform people’s lives and the environment that surrounds them.

Dr. Hopson is committed to working with premarital and marital couples in assuring the best start and continuation in marriage.  Not only does he bring nearly thirty years of pastoral experience, but he is a certified premarital counselor in using PREPARE/ENRICH, Myers/Briggs Type Indicator, Taylor/Johnson Temperament Analysis, Couples Communication, and other diagnostic instruments to assist those who wish to begin and continue their marriage with an awareness of their strengths and growth areas, to productively deal with conflict and ways to divorce-proof their marriage by accurately identifying and exploring specific issues that need to be addressed.

Well versed in the biblical teachings, family systems and Emotion Focused Therapy, Dr. Hopson is interested in continuing in-depth counseling which integrates spiritual values and beliefs with individuals, couples and families struggling with anxiety, anger management, depression, trauma, personality issues, addictions and issues involving life transitions (such as parenting, marriage, illness, professional transitions, aging and grief).

Dr. Hopson has a special concern for the clergy and their families as they search for personal growth and development. A major component of therapy is creating a supportive environment in which the marital concerns and conflicts of clergy leaders and their spouses can be addressed by working collaboratively with the couple towards marriage enhancement and divorce prevention. The clergy leader and spouse are able to explore such challenges as questioning one's call to the ministry, a myriad of time consuming church obligations, burn-out, self care, and the sense of loneliness felt by the clergy leader and their spouse. He also counsels clergy couples in dealing with the imbalance between the church as family versus the stability of the leader’s own covenant marriage and family relationships. He assists the clergy’s spouse and children in addressing feelings of being abandoned by the clergy spouse in favor of the ministry and the unique expectations placed on them by the congregation and others.  Clergy carry an additional burden of caring for their congregation and often feel alone when they undergo professional or personal family crisis and require spiritual healing.